Addition of similar digit

Traditionally this is very time consuming to calculate the Addition of Similar Digit Number, and it create confusion at that moment in speed. So don’t worry here we have given you Quick shortcut tricks to do quickly calculation. Sometimes we face this type of problems in our exam or daily routine.

Example:   7 + 77 + 777 + 7777 + 77777 = ?

Shortcut Tricks

Step 1: Take 8 common and Replace all 7 with 1.
i.e, 7(1 + 11 + 111 + 1111 + 11111)

Step 2: Count number of digits in each number,
i.e, 1=1(digit), 11=2(digit), 111=3(digit), 1111=4(digit), 11111=5(digit),
and write down all digits together that is 12345.

Step 3: Multiply 7 x 12345 = 86415.
The final result is 86415.


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